dishwasher repair

As we all know, dishwashers has became most essential appliance in our kitchen. Yeah, without it we just can’t keep up with our kitchen chores. But, what if it stops working the way it should? Yeah, you’ll have to wash and clean your utensils and dishes manually. Well, that’s a lot time consuming and troublesome; isn’t it? Anyway, we’ve a better idea. Yeah, what if you get your dishwasher repair service done in an affordable pricing from a highly qualified and skilled professional.

Apart from that, using original branded parts & materials, providing regular training to our professionals to stay updated with latest trends and technology, and giving prompt assistance is our some of the key competency factors for which we’re ranked #1 on the market.

Dishwasher Repairs

Most common faults

  • Not draining
  • Not completing cycle
  • Cycle taking too long / Not dispensing the tablet
  • Not heating
  • Not taking water
  • Dishes come out dirty
  • Not switching on
  • Tripping the power
  • Making a strange / funny noise
  • Leaking

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